Project Heaven on Earth
Project Heaven on Earth – The New Story of What It Means to Be a Human and What It Means to Be Humanity ˧

There is a desire, a longing, in each of us for a world that works. ˧

There is a yearning for the recurring problems of the planet like war, hunger, disease, hatred, senseless suffering, poverty and environmental degradation, not to merely get better, but to once and for allend. ˧

We feel we want to do something, deep in our hearts, deep in our souls, which will actually take our planet to its next evolutionary level. ˧

We know we have it within ourselves to tackle problems like these. We’ve ended smallpox. We’ve ended leprosy. ˧

We know the human spirit is capable of knocking down the Berlin Wall, inventing nanotechnology and, bringing a peaceful transition to full democracy in South Africa. We’ve created 3-D printing, we do full heart transplants, we’ve seen what Pluto looks like up close. ˧

At the heart of it, I believe what we want is a new context, a new story for the third millennium ­– one that inspires us all, one that enlivens humanity. ˧

The story we’ve been living so far is based on being separate and having others be different than us. It has to do with suffering, with fear and judgment, with thinking that we are not able to make a true, profound, deep and lasting difference so that we begin having the kind of world we want. ˧

But at this point in our collective evolution, this deeper desire for a new context for our planet is emerging. Why now? Because we have for the first time in our history a sense of the whole of humanity. This started with the famous photo of the “earthrise” from space, of the earth rising over the moon. This was the first time we saw our entire home planet as one. We were both physically out there in space looking back, and at the same time, we had the technology that allowed that picture to be beamed back to the entire world. The collective global, planetary consciousness had truly arrived. ˧




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