Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace
In reaction to the civil conflict, social worker Leymah Gbowee decided to bring women from her church together to protest the war. First appealing to the Lutheran Church to which she belonged, Gbowee recruited several hundred Christian women to pray for peace. At on of their meetings in March 2003, a Muslim, Asatu Bah Kenneth, spoke to the crowd and proclaimed that she would bring Muslim women to join with the Christian women in demanding peace from the president and the warlords. ˧

On April 1, the group of Christian and Muslim women staged their first protest. Using the radio to spread the word, Gbowee and Janet Johnson Bryant, a journalist, encouraged the women of Monrovia to speak out for peace. Hearing their call on the radio, many internally displaced women joined the campaign as well. Wearing all white clothing the women gathered at the fish market every day for a week. They sat, danced, and sang for peace. Some held banners that read, “The women of Liberia want peace now.” ˧

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