Unity earth
In short, UNITY EARTH brings people together through growing a WORLDWIDE SPIRITUAL CULTURE that fosters reference for the Sacred and respects all forms of diversity. We use music, events and media to proclaim the universal unity of all beings. Our calling is to weave threads of unity within the colourful diversity of the Human Family and with the ecosystems that sustain us. Honoring all traditions and lineages, we are inspired by the collective wisdom of humanity to foster community, connect cultures and cultivate peace. Our events and offerings are designed to enhance personal transformation and facilitate planetary consciousness. ˧

There are so many inspiring individuals and organisations doing the hard work and taking strides towards greater unity on our planet, our aim is to strengthen and connect this grassroots movement. ˧

UNITY EARTH: One people: many cultures One planet: many challenges One colourful diverse human family ˧

https://unity.earth/ ˧

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