True Purpose Institut
As global transformation accelerates, more and more people are called to participate in creating a new world. The institutions and structures that once served society well now appear outdated and in desperate need of change. The awareness of this fundamental global shift is increasing over time. Most people feel more at peace witnessing, while others feel called to take personal action in creating and facilitating this great change. ˧

Those who do feel a personal sense of calling often don’t understand exactly what role they are meant to play or how to deliver their contribution on a larger scale. They are usually struggling with doubts and fears about what might be asked of them if they were to fully live their purpose in the world. ˧

The True Purpose® Institute gives messengers and change agents the knowledge, training and support they need to create the impact they are meant to have in the world. ˧

Our transformational workshops and powerful training and certification programs equip people to be the change they are meant to create and to spread their personal transformation farther and faster than they ever dreamed possible. Our goal is to help you earn a living as a powerful messenger or change agent: your impact will be much greater if you are making money from living your purpose! ˧

Our four components of purpose in the True Purpose model are: ˧

  • Essence: We are the light that illuminates the sacred path of transformation ˧
  • Blessing: We awaken the light of Divine Purpose in each soul. ˧
  • Mission: Our mission is to inspire humanity into Higher Purpose, bridging Heaven and Earth. ˧
  • Message: “Focused and inspired collective intent can accomplish more than you believe possible; there are miracles afoot. When human will is joined with divine will, you are never alone, you are always guided. You are wise, and you know what to do. Go within and bring it without, share in the creation of heaven on earth. Blaze a path of balance, with equal respect and honor for the human and the divine.” ˧


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