Trees for life
The Caledonian Forest is one of our most important forest ecosystems, providing a home for spectacular wildlife, it is severely fragmented, and in many places consists entirely of old trees. ˧

Trees for Life is working to expand and link these ancient pinewoods by using three strategies: Natural regeneration of native trees Natural regeneration ˧

The first part of our Action Plan is to facilitate the natural regeneration of native trees, by fencing deer out of areas on the periphery of existing remnants of forest. This allows seedlings to grow naturally to maturity again, without being over-grazed. This is the simplest and best method of regenerating the forest, as it involves the minimum of intervention and allows nature to do most of the work. However, this only works for locations where there is an existing seed source nearby, which is not the case in the treeless expanses which make up most of the Highlands today. ˧




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