The Master Cares
The Master Cares exists to provide the hope that God promises to the poor through aid that goes beyond traditional means. We seek to come alongside the people of Africa as they strive to lift themselves out of their desperate situation. ˧

In the country of Uganda, The Master Cares has set up a network of leaders who are eager and willing to take up the Cross, follow Jesus, and work to build up their country. By giving the people the means by which they can build and develop their homes, we can partner with them to show them Jesus to truly transform communities and future generations. ˧

We have established five initiatives as part of our efforts. Our goal is to use these initiatives as an opportunity to connect with people and share the hope we have found in Christ. ˧

Giving people hope and instilling in them that true hope only comes from Jesus – that is what it’s all about. Please consider partnering with us to care for those who need Hope. ˧



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