Reboot the future
Supporting the Global Goals ˧

The Golden Rule as the unifying spirit of the Global Goals ˧

The Golden Rule is the ethos that underpins all of the seventeen Global Goals. By working towards global mindset change, we can build a world without poverty or slavery, where women are empowered, and where we can all participate in an inclusive circular economy with a vibrant biodiversity, clean water and oceans..... ˧

A New Story for Humanity ˧

Not just making sense of a complex world. ˧

Our first publication is Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation, a collection of essays from thought leaders and change agents. This publication addresses the most pressing issues of our time, embracing the Golden Rule as the starting point, and offering a roadmap for humanity. ˧

Our simple goal is to inspire people with the simple message of the Golden Rule. ˧

Our target is a change in global mindset. To make this happen we inspire, convene and resource. ˧




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