Who We Are ˧

The Pastoralist Community Initiative and Development Assistance (PACIDA) is an indigenous, non-sectarian, non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization committed to sustainable pastoralist development. PACIDA works with pastoralist communities in Kenya and Ethiopia to end poverty, hunger and disease while addressing the most pressing challenges affecting the communities. Our History ˧

PACIDA was founded in 2008 by local scholars and development practitioners who were concerned with the huge and widening humanitarian needs, deepening vulnerabilities and huge development gap in the region. ˧

PACIDA pursues long-term and sustainable development in collaboration with the beneficiary communities, government, development actors and other stakeholders. Since inception, PACIDA has grown phenomenally over the years working cordially with local communities, partners, government agencies and other stakeholders to bring positive and much needed change in the lives of the local communities. ˧

http://www.pacida.org ˧

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