Natural Climate Solutions
By supporting the efforts of others, we want to help bring together two issues that have mostly been considered in isolation: climate breakdown and ecological breakdown. Natural Climate Solutions are a bridge between the two. Intergovernmental bodies like the Convention on Biological Diversity and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change have tended to work separately on these issues. We want them to coordinate their efforts. ˧

We want governments to move away from potentially damaging technological solutions for drawing down carbon from the atmosphere, and towards an approach that helps address two existential crises at once. While it is essential that they also accelerate their efforts to decarbonise our economies, and while Natural Climate Solutions should never be used as a substitute for radical reductions in emissions, they are a far more benign and effective means of drawing down carbon than the approaches currently commanding most attention. ˧

Our plan is to generate the publicity and enthusiasm required to bring this issue to the front of people’s minds. In doing so, we hope to catalyse and accelerate the work of the excellent organisations already operating in this field. ˧




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