ORGANIZATION’S OBJECTIVE: Pontifical Mission Societies:- ˧

  • The Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith ˧
  • Pontifical Society of Saint Peter the Apostle ˧
  • Pontifical Association of the Holy Childhood ˧
  • Pontifical Missionary Union ˧
Have as their primary purpose the Promotion of a Universal Missionary Spirit, a Spirit of Prayer and Sacrifice among all Baptized Catholics to gather support for worldwide mission of the Church. These four societies each received the official title of “Pontifical” work in 1922 and their central administration was transferred to Rome. National offices exist now in more than 120 countries. ˧

Today, this “family” of mission societies is the church’s primary means to inform Catholics about her worldwide missionary work and encourage their active participation – through Prayer and Sacrifice – in those efforts. ˧

Die Päpstlichen Missionswerke international: ˧



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