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Poor chances for young Africans ˧

Youth empowerment is one of the most pressing challenges the African continent is facing today. The youth represent over 75% of the population and although many African countries are experiencing an economic boom, youth employment in Africa is at crisis stage. ˧

In the past decades, great strides have been made in providing access to education. However, while African youth are attaining higher education levels than ever before, 40 million of people under the age of 25 are currently out of work. According to African Economic Outlook by 2050, 400 million of them will be in need of sustainable employment. ˧

The youth from impoverished rural areas are the most directly affected. These regions often have poor infrastructure, limited access to markets and infertile soil that do not permit the development of a sustainable economy. There is consequently little opportunity for the youth to find a job and move beyond subsistence livelihoods in their home region. Herein often lies the root for serious complications that haunt the African continent like misery, mass immigration, violence, extremism. ˧




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