Kufunda village
Kufunda is a learning centre in Zimbabwe. ˧

We are learning our way into what it takes to build healthy and vibrant community. Our journey is one of exploring and seeking to live what we believe to be possible, perhaps even living the future today. ˧

We care about people creating their own solutions. We care about working with the diversity and wealth that we have, to create what we need. We believe that change begins with conscious and confident people, coming together to explore what matters most to them. Then healthy action can flow. ˧

Through this journey we have learnt many practices of coming together to foster creativity and collaboration in community. We have discovered many wonderful things about sustainability and working with what we have, including eco-building, permaculture, renewable energy, health and healing and much more. Much of this has been learnt the hard way. With success and failure walking side by side, we have tested and tried our basic beliefs and assumptions, learning our way into what it means to be a learning community. ˧

We are committed to the journey of on-going learning and to sharing what we learn. ˧

Join us! ˧

http://www.kufunda.org/ ˧

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