International Institut for Environment and Development IIED
The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is an independent research organisation that aims to deliver positive change on a global scale. Our mission is to build a fairer, more sustainable world, using evidence, action and influence, working in partnership with others. In five years, we will be in sight of 2030, a make-or-break date for global sustainable development ambitions. This is our moment to step up and go further. ˧

IIED's research takes valuable local solutions to influential global forums, achieving impact at many levels. In a fractured world our network of partners brings together the missing voices and evidence that policymakers need to make the right decisions for people and planet. ˧

From now to 2024, we will play our part to make change happen. We will help vulnerable communities achieve climate resilience and development, simultaneously pushing hard for global action to restrict planetary warming to 1.5°C. We will promote biodiversity alongside social justice, ensuring the women and men closest to the land, ocean and natural resources are heard. ˧

Our partners span the globe and range from multilateral institutions to local citizen's groups. We have more than 350 partnerships working in more than 60 countries. Nearly half of our partnerships are with civil society organisations, but we also work with governments, research bodies, the private sector and the media. ˧

https://www.iied.org ˧

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