Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children IAC
The Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices affecting the Health of Women and Children (IAC) is an international and African regional umbrella body that has been working on policy programmes and actions to eliminate Harmful Traditional Practices in the African Region and worldwide. The Africans supported by the International Community created IAC in February 6th 1984, in Dakar. It was formed at a time when female genital mutilation was a highly controversial and a sensitive issue for discussion and there was a critical need for an African regional voice in an international campaign against FGM. ˧

The Vision of IAC is to see a society in which African women and children fully enjoy their Human Rights free from harmful traditional practices. ˧

The Mission of IAC is the promotion of gender equality and contribution to the improvement of the health status, social, economic, political, human rights and quality of life of African women and children through elimination of harmful traditional practices (HTPS) and the promotion of beneficial ones. ˧

The guiding principle is Education, in order to bring a positive change of attitude and capacity building of affected communities. ˧




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