European Network on Religion and Beliefe
Organisations from several European countries and from very different traditions – inter-faith and inter-convictional organisations, churches and religious associations, philosophical and non confessional associations – have come together to plan this initiative. ˧

We are conscious of the delicate and often controversial policy issues in the field of Religion and Belief, for example: prejudice and discrimination; freedom to dress and wear religious insignia; equalities in relation to gender and sexual orientation; employment in relation to religious or non-religious beliefs. ˧

Many of these issues are primarily the domain of member states, but they also have implications across national boundaries, for all faith/belief groups, and for the EU. The organising group for ENORB has consisted of leading members of Religion and Belief organisations at European level and from several European member-states. Members of the Exploratory Group are not official delegates to ENORB – but are concerned representatives, seeking ways of improving dialogue, mutual understanding and combating discrimination and reporting back to their own organisations. ˧

An initial seminar on May29-30 2012 under the auspices of the Presidency of the European Parliament, brought together representatives of over 50 organisations: inter-convictional, inter-faith, religious and humanist, atheist and free-thinking organisations. ˧

Now that ENORB has now been registered as an association under Belgian Law (May 2012) organisations and individuals may register as full members or associate members (info@enorb.eu). ˧




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