Ecological Greenhouse
The Ecological Greenhouse in Kibbutz Ein-Shemer, Israel, is an innovative educational center, a place for social encounters and connection which combines two fundamental elements: environmental ecology and social ecology. In the framework of environmental ecology students in the greenhouse are engaged with an interdisciplinary research and study of the environmental challenges facing Earth in general and Israel in particular. In the course of their studies, students meet specialists and scholars from the Israeli academy and industry, learn from their experience on research, professionalism and science, and produce projects and research of the highest level. From the socio-ecological aspect, the ˧

Greenhouse is a meeting place for youth from the various populations and sectors of the Israeli society: Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, native Israelis and new immigrants, gifted children, at risk children, special education students and children with special needs. By cooperating and engaging in shared challenges and projects these children and teens get to know one another and manage to find common ground. ˧



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