Crans Montana Forum
The CRANS MONTANA FORUM is a Non-Governmental International Organization established since 1986, whose mission is to build a better World “Towards a more Humane World”. ˧

The CRANS MONTANA FORUM is closely working with all Governments, specialised Bodies, International & Regional Organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, UNIDO, FAO, the EUROPEAN UNION, the EUROPENA COMMISSION, the COUNCIL OF EUROPE, OFID and naturally numerous NGOs. ˧

Its primary aim is to strengthen international cooperation by promoting good practices and allowing a permanent dialogue between those in the public and private sectors who are the real decision-makers on whom the future of our World depends. ˧

The Crans Montana Forum organizes several events per year. Every time, decision-makers, always at a high level, generally from about a hundred countries, meet in a private and informal setting to discuss the political, social, economic and security challenges of our Century. ˧

Each of the Forums organised throughout the world (Brussels, Geneva, Rabat, Dakhla, Vienna, Barcelona, Crans-Montana, Bucharest, Budva, Baku, Zagreb, Roma, Sarajevo, Tirana, Athens, Malta, Bahrain etc.) represent unique opportunities for Businesses and Government Officials to network and strengthen their partnership relations. ˧




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