Climate Alliance
Since the foundation of the association in 1990, more than 1,700 cities, municipalities and districts (57 KB) have joined the "Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous Rainforest Peoples". More than 50 provinces, NGOs and further organisations have joined the Climate Alliance as associated members. ˧

The Coordinating Body for the Indigenous Peoples Organisation of the Amazon Basin (COICA) is our partner and represents the interests of the indigenous rainforest peoples. ˧

The member cities and municipalities aim for the reduction of greenhouse emissions. For achieving this goal local climate strategies are developed and implemented, especially in the energy and transport sectors. Furthermore there are measures to raise the publics awareness for the protection of the rainforest and to abstain in municipal procurement from tropical timber derived from destructive logging. ˧

http://www.klimabuendnis.org ˧

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