Amoveo mundi Colombia
Our project Transformar Colombia (“Transforming Colombia”) has been uniting diverse groups and individuals in Colombia since 2014. Our work gathers stakeholders throughout Colombia to discover the purpose of the country via the True Purpose® process. With this grand purpose—what Colombia uniquely is and does that contributes to the harmony and evolution of the planet—the country can co-create a united way forward. ˧

There is striking similarity between the purpose statements, and participants express hope and excitement for the potential of Colombia. After the workshops, many begin to align their work, their organizations, and their institutions with the higher purpose. ˧

After the recent peace processes in Colombia (fall 2016), Transformar Colombia is working to reach more stakeholders involved in establishing peace throughout the country, including FARC members and former soldiers. The True Purpose® process will be an important tool to relieve tensions between groups and unify them through a shared, higher, purpose. ˧




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