ASASE: The Swiss Association of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle Share "What makes any man’s quality is not his religion, but his sense of brotherhood" (Sister Emmanuelle, co-founder of ASASE) ˧

At 63, Sister Emmanuelle decides to share the life of the inhabitants of the Egyptian slums. 8 years later, in 1979, she founded with Michel Bittar the Swiss Association of Friends of Sister Emmanuelle (ASASE), to support her action in favour of the Cairo ragpickers, whom she still lived with. ˧

In 1986, at the request of ASASE’s President, a native of Khartoum, she went to Sudan and returned shocked: the poverty of the displaced victims of the longest civil war of the XXth century was worse than that of Egyptian zabbâlîn. Since then, ASASE has focused its support on the creation and development of various aid programs to needy populations in: ˧

Sudan until 2014, South Sudan since 2009 (before the country’s creation in 2011), Haiti since 1996. ˧

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