Mission To advance the development of the Ombudsman institution for the furtherance of good governance, the rule of law, and human rights in Africa. ˧

Vision To be a leading international Association of ombudsman offices, practitioners and scholars dedicated to the promotion of open, accountable and people-centered democratic governance in Africa. ˧

Core Values ˧

  • Integrity: Reflects the ombudsman’s to being a trusted, competent, honest and reliable organisation ˧
  • Independence and impartiality: Refers to the ombudsman’s belief that it must discharge its role without deference, fear or favour to any individual or authority ˧
  • Human Rights: This relates to the ombudsman’s fundamental commitment to human rights and human dignity, and to serving humanity with respect and compassion ˧
  • Justice and fairness: Refers to a fundamental commitment to natural justice and the rule of law as well as timely and quality service regardless of a person’s background or dispositions ˧
  • Equality: The ombudsman is an essentially people-centered organisation that promotes inclusion and access for every person to its services ˧
  • Accountability and Transparency: The ombudsman must be an accountable, transparent, open and responsive institution; more so that it demands the same of those organisations it has oversight. ˧
http://aoma.ukzn.ac.za ˧



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