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This WIKI was inspired by Mr. Martin Rutte, who has been working on project Heaven On Earth for over 25 years. http://www.projectheavenonearth.com There you can take a free 7 day online course "One Week to Simply Begin Creating Heaven on Earth". ˧

There is a new book from Martin Rutte available to buy. "Project Heaven on Earth. The 3 simple questions that will help you change the world...easily". ISBN 978-0692073629 Publisher: Livelihood, 2018 ˧


"We feel we want to do something, deep in our hearts, deep in our souls, which will help to bring people together to co-create a better world for all." ˧

This Wiki is intended to create hope and energy by showing how many "heavenmakers" are already out there in different fields. Please help to fill it and we thank for information about things to change. ˧

  • mail to uriteamlienz@gmx.at ˧
Visit us also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Paradiesnow/ ˧

There you easy can add your ideas about heaven making persons and institutions. There is a not countable number of people all over the world, who do something positive in their community. We want to say thanks to this unknown heavenmakers, because they make our planet to a good home. ˧

We cannot take responsibility for the work of the institutions or projects. There is no direct connection between us. If you find any problems, please tell us, and we will delete the link. ˧

We also invite you to a short meditation every evening at 7 PM with the intention: ˧

  • "Let's create heaven on earth everywhere" ˧
A project of the United Religions Initiative CC Eastern Tyrol/Lienz/Austria ˧
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