Heaven on Earth Wiki
This WIKI was inspired by Mr. Martin Rutte, who has been working on project Heaven On Earth for over 15 years. http://www.projectheavenonearth.com ˧


"We feel we want to do something, deep in our hearts, deep in our souls, which will actually take our planet to its next evolutionary level." ˧

This Wiki is intended to create hope and energy by showing how many "heavenmakers" are already out there.
It will collect the names of persons and institutions, who are "heavenmakers" in different areas all over the world, contributing to this goal.
We are also searching for educational and cultural ressources and online projects. ˧

Please help to fill it. mail uriteamlienz@gmx.at ˧

So lets do this long, important and interesting journey together. Hopefully we never come to stop until Heaven is on Earth! ˧

Visit us also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Heaven-on-Earth-Wiki-185608958477565/?ref=hl ˧

There you easy can add your ideas about heaven making persons and institutions. Thanks a lot for helping. ˧

This project started during the World Interfaith Harmony Week in February 2016 http://www.worldinterfaithharmonyweek.com

The members of the United Religions Initiative Eastern Tyrol/Lienz/Austria http://urilienz.wordpress.com Heaven on Earth Landscape ˧

Elisabeth Ziegler-Duregger Ambassador for the Parliament of the Worldsreligions in Austria http://www.parliamentofreligions.org ˧



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