Heaven on Earth Wiki
This WIKI was inspired by Mr. Martin Rutte, who has been working on project Heaven On Earth for over 25 years. * http://www.projectheavenonearth.com ˧


We intended to create hope and energy by showing how many "heavenmakers" are already out there in different fields and we thank for information to add or change. ˧

  • mail to info@bildung-frieden.net ˧
Visit us also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Paradiesnow/ ˧

Besides organized groups we want to say thanks to all unknown heavenmakers,to families, musicians, health workers, librarians, teachers, gardeners, people who pray and work in various fields and many more, because they make our planet to a good home. ˧

We cannot take responsibility for the work of the institutions or projects. There is no direct connection between us. If you find any problems, please tell us, and we will delete the link. It is just a private initiative. And we say thanks to Mr.Helmut Leitner in Graz/Austria for providing the webspace for the wiki as a present. ˧


A project of the United Religions Initiative URI CC Eastern Tyrol/Lienz/Austria ˧



Since the World Interfatih Harmony Week 2020 we also invite people from different religions to a short "PRAYER FOR ALL", every time someone is hearing any church bell, muezzin, temple bell or is seeing any sacred site: ˧

"Dear God, Allah, Great Spirit, Holy Father.... (or the name you choose) please bless and strenghten my thoughts, my heart and my hands, so that I may create more Heaven on Earth. Thank you."

(or in short form "May there be Heaven on Earth through me" ˧

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